DSIMesa Mundi roughly translates to “world table” or “table of worlds.”  The name is inspired by the Mappa Mundi, a medieval map which depicts many mythical creatures as well as delineating the “known” world. Our name embodies our philosophy: we provide solutions for bringing together the impossible. Through our technology we endeavor to inspire people to experience more from their environments and seek out the unknown.

Our mission is to foster a ubiquitous computing environment through natural user interface platforms designed to engender creativity and collaboration across both space and time.

Our origins are firmly rooted in the gaming sector. We leverage this expertise to build engaging and entertaining experiences. In 2009 we built our first Diffused Surface Illumination solution for management of large scale virtual worlds – early virtual table top technology. Our contemporaries were the Microsoft Surface (2009) and our friends in the NUIGroup forums. After debuting our technology in August 2010, we quickly realized that the applications of what we were building reached much farther than our gaming ambitions.

While we may have started out developing table based applications and technologies, Mesa Mundi is a thought leader in the fields of interactive holography, smart surface technologies, and skilled in a multitude of software development spheres.

Our success stories include four sided interactive holograms, multi screen and large scale interactive video wall development and deployment, as well as kiosking and, of course, digital furniture.